2014 SISCO Fall Field Tour

Dealing with Complexity – Managing For Diversity

Gavin Lake BC,   September 9 – 11, 2014

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The 2014 SISCO Fall Field tour was made possible by the local organizing committee: the Ministry of Forests Lands and Natural Resources Operations, Tolko Industries, UBC Research Forest, and West Fraser Sawmills.

We toured ongoing Ministry of Forest and UBC harvesting and silviculture research – retrospective silviculture focusing on ecology and management of complex forest stands ranging from wet-belt ICH, to transition SBS, to dry-belt IDF

  • We  saw research Section of the Ministry of Forests ongoing trials in the vicinity of the UBC Research Forest as well as trials that they have co-operated with UBC on, some dating back to the 1980’s, including
  • A site used to help confirm the revised Free Growing criteria for the SBSdw1
  • Forests for Tomorrow projects in the area
  • MPB rehab stand replanted to a mixed species plantation
  • Spacing in IDF stands targeted for mitigation of mid-term timber supply shortfall
  • Mixed species trial (emphasis on Pw) comparing the performance of 3 native conifer species

We saw  UBC Alex Fraser Research Forest sites as well; three different biogeoclimatic zones and five subzones where the opportunity to try different things has been well exploited.  We visited sites with research projects installed as early as 1984, and heard from Researchers and Staff about what we’ve learned and how that might affect our practice. 

We also visited a mixed species trial (emphasis on White Pine) near Likely established in 1982,  withh results from 2008, led by Teresa Newsome, David Rusch and Alan Vyse.

 Thank you for your continuing support of SISCO!

The SISCO Executive