The Southern Interior Silviculture Committee has been in existence since the 1960s. Our purpose is to promote appropriate silviculture practices in BC by hosting two events each year – a winter workshop and a summer field tour – to provide a venue for discussion of forestry issues and topics.

We also post announcements and reports on this site, that may be of interest to our members.

SISCO does not endorse any political party or platform; we are non-partisan and our sole purpose is to promote dialogue about good silviculture and forest practices in the province of BC.

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2022 Fall Field Tour

October 3 -5

Our Future Forests: Exploring the Effects of Climate on Ecosystems and Human Systems

This year’s fall field tour explores silviculture and forestry practices in Dry Interior Douglas Fir Forest Ecosystems where the role of climate in governing the ecosystem has become much more apparent.

The future of our forest landscapes and their goods and services depends on our ability to understand and plan for climate change.  To maintain our wealth of resource values including future timber harvest we need adaptive management strategies. 

In young stands where wildfire has previously altered the site we need to discover effective silviculture interventions –  new regeneration and stand tending practices for the new site conditions.  And we need to rethink harvesting systems to discover ones that mitigate rather than exacerbate climate change effects. We especially need to learn more about ecosystem recovery after wildfire. 

We also must address the immediate need to plan for extreme events so we can protect both our communities and our resource values from natural disasters such as wildfire and floods. Our 2022 fall field tour will explore these challenges.  The program topics include:

  • post wildfire ecosystem recovery: lessons learned and planning for the future;
  • silviculture trials and research in dry ecosystems: post-fire silviculture and innovative silviculture practices that go beyond timber and fibre production to address broader ecological objectives;
  • collaborative disaster planning: forestry operations coordinate with municipalities to develop strategies to protect communities and resources from wildfire

Come join your colleagues to exchange information and ideas, experiences and opinions about forestry in the southern interior.

See the Program here: 2022 SISCO Fall Field Tour Program

Registration is closed because all the seats on the bus are taken.

Thank you for your continuing support of the Southern Interior Silviculture Committee.

The SISCO Executive