2015 Winter Workshop

Program at a glance

Workshop Booklet Agenda and Presenter Abstracts

February 9-11, 2015

Thompson Rivers University Campus


Placing BC in a Global Forest Management Context – How Do We Measure Up?

Plenary Sessions

The 2015 winter workshop opening theme explored the way that BC functions in a global forestry context, from our forest management strategy for multiple resources and public expectations, to our wood products innovation and marketing strategies.

Key Forest Management Issues of the Day – How Do We Measure Up?

Panel Sessions

The panel discussions look at pieces of the puzzle of this global context – specific key forest management issues of the day that, though always evolving, remain ongoing critical challenges. The panel of experts will provide information and perspectives on the issues, describe the current state of affairs, and propose to what extent these issues have been resolved or what progress is being made to address them. After the experts’ presentations there will be questions from the floor, to allow you to engage in in-depth discussion with the panelists and your colleagues.

Forest Science Research – Practical Applications

Discussion Sessions

The workshop discussion sessions covered a range of forest science research topics and their practical silviculture applications, and the format provides you an opportunity for small-group, interactive conversation, exchange, and debate on the topics.

TRU Culinary Arts

The renowned Thompson Rivers University Culinary Arts Program designed a menu of outstanding lunches for us on Tuesday and Wednesday, and the banquet on Tuesday was catered by the Campus Activity Centre cuisine.

Bruce Archibald, Paleontologist and Research Associate at SFU, the BC Royal Museum, and the Museum Comparative Zoology, Cambridge was our spellbinding after dinner speaker.

Thank you for attending the 2015 Winter Workshop!