2021 SISCO Winter Workshop – April 6, 2021 (pheedloop.com)


This year’s conference will be held via the internet using a virtual platform, April 6 – 7. Our theme attempts to explore the question: Are We Growing Trees, or Forests? The challenge of managing all forests for all peoples and all purposes can result in losing sight of the forest as a whole, as we focus on particular goods and services from trees. Our agenda attempts to explore how this focus manifests in the different areas of forestry practice, and in the different disciplines involved in natural resources management, to see if the “forests or trees” conundrum is taken into consideration.  Our question seems particularly relevant in a province where much of the forest is in the public domain, and our agenda also proposes to explore how “ownerships” influence our collective, or perhaps many, visions of forests.

Save the Date and plan to join your colleagues on April 6 – 7, to carry on with our conversations about silviculture in the ever-changing world of forestry in all its complexity.